Tract History

1948 picture1952 Starker Forests purchases 260 acres of recently-harvested forest land in the Soap Creek Watershed, northwest of Corvallis, OR.

1952 - 1994 Starker Forests actively manages tract: fire protection, road building, timber harvesting and reforestation.

1994 - 1995 Elizabeth Starker Cameron donates the tract to OSU College of Forestry with three intents:

  1. That $1.0 million in revenue generated by a timber harvest be given to support renovation of OSU's Valley Library.
  2. That the property (known as the "Cameron Tract") be managed to demonstrate good family forest stewardship.
  3. That periodic income from timber harvests on the Tract be used to build and support a new program in Private and Family Forestry within the College of Forestry.

1995 - 1996 62 acres harvested to generate gift to Valley Library. Harvested areas are replanted. An ad hoc planning committee for the Tract was convened to develop timber harvesting plans to generate revenue for the required gift to the Valley Library. Two clearcut harvests conducted in the summer and fall of 1995 fulfilled that obligation, and the harvested areas were subsequently planted to a mixture of species including white pine, giant sequoia, redcedar, ponderosa pine and Douglas-fir.

1972 image1998 John Bliss appointed Starker Chair in Private and Family Forestry. Oregon Small Woodland Association hosts first annual Cameron Tract Twilight Tour.

1999 Cameron Tract Advisory Committee formed, including OSU personnel, Oregon Small Woodland Association members, and Soap Creek neighbors.

2000 Advisory Committee develops Mission Statement, Guiding Principles and Long Range plan. Comprehensive resource inventory completed.

2001 1.3 miles of road reconstructed featuring innovative road elements. 40 acres thinned using individual tree, free selection, and small group selection methods. Advisory Committee members participate in harvest design and marking.

2002 Seedlings are planted in openings created from thinning. Plans developed for interpretive signing throughout the Tract. First Fernhopper Tour of the Cameron Tract - a tour of the College Forests for college alumni!

cameron tract picture2003 A severe winter ice storm knocks down 14 acres of large Douglas fir saw-timber on a steep, NW-facing slope.

2004 The blowdown acres are salvaged. A high lead system is used to minimize soil disturbance. Large snags and downed wood are retained. Some 327 MBF are harvested, at a total value of $198,522. Logging and road construction costs total $75,526, for a net income of $122,996. In August, a field tour visits the site and discusses salvage and reforestation options.

2005 The salvage harvest site is hand planted with Douglas fir and Western Red cedar.

2006 – 2011 The trees keep growing!

2012 Graduate student Ed Cummings completes development of a carbon inventory for the forest. A tour of the forest is conducted for participants in a one day workshop focused on carbon science, management, and markets.

2014 Graduate student Joanie Schmidgall assists in coordinating new efforts to revitalize management activity on the Cameron Tract which include reconstructing the Firehouse Road, a utility pole timber harvest, new trail construction and the installation of several new interpertation signs.