Forest Plan: Vision and Guiding Principles

The Elizabeth Starker Cameron Demonstration Forest is a model of family forest resource stewardship, a source of information and inspiration for family forest owners, a resource in support of the College of Forestry's Program in Private and Family Forestry, and a good neighbor valued by Soap Creek residents. In order to achieve this vision, the Cameron Tract is managed in accordance with the following guiding principles:

  1. Grand Fir SeedlingStewardship: As a model of family forest stewardship, the Tract is actively managed to produce a sustainable flow of ecological, economic, and social values and services.
  2. Education and Demonstration: Tract activities are designed to demonstrate innovative, cost effective forest resource planning and management practices relevant to family forest ownerships.
  3. Participation: Opportunities are created for meaningful participation by family forest owners and others in planning, management, and educational activities on the Tract.
  4. Good Neighbor: The Tract is managed so as to develop and maintain relationships of trust, open and honest communication, and mutual learning between those who manage, use, and reside near the Tract.