Forest Plan: Organizational Structure and Decision Process

The Starker Chair in Private and Family Forestry leads development and management of the Cameron Tract in close collaboration with the Cameron Tract Advisory Board, OSU College Forests staff, and OSU faculty. The responsibilities of each of these partners is outlined below:

1. The Starker Chair in Private and Family Forestry provides leadership for all activities involving the Cameron Tract, including planning, natural resource management, timber harvesting, research, teaching, demonstration and extension education. The Starker Chair has overall responsibility for management of the Tract, in consultation with the Director of College Forests and with approval of the Dean of the College of Forestry.

2. As needed, a Cameron Tract Advisory Board is convened to provide input and advice to the Starker Chair on Tract planning, policies, management, and educational activities. The Board comprises representatives from the following:

  • OSU College Forests,
  • OSU extension, research and teaching faculty,
  • Oregon family forest owners,
  • Soap Creek neighborhood,
  • Other individuals with relevant expertise and approval of the Starker Chair.

3. College Forest staff provides expertise and assistance in planning, engineering, management, timber harvesting, contracting, facilities, and other areas within their normal purview. Arrangements with private contractors may also be made to accomplish project objectives.

4. OSU extension faculty provide leadership, educational expertise, and logistical support for demonstration and extension education activities on the Tract. Research and teaching faculty are encouraged to utilize the Cameron Tract for purposes congruent with its mission, and with approval of the Starker Chair.

This document updated May, 2012.