Demonstrations and Projects: Cameron North Road Construction Project

As a demonstration forest, the Cameron Tract's transportation needs are somewhat unique. Roads on the property must accommodate access for management practices, such as harvesting and fire control equipment as well as access for year round educational tours. Challenging topography on the tract influenced the decision to develop two unconnected access points to the property, creating northern and southern road segments. Road construction will be carried out in several phases as need and finances allow.

The northern segment was the first to undergo reconstruction. Where feasible, existing road grade was utilized although some segments were rerouted to avoid steep grades. In addition to building the road for management and educational purposes, the road itself, was designed to demonstrate alternative road construction methods. Finished in the summer of 2001, the 1.3 mile, North Cameron Road incorporates a number of innovative design features including an out-sloped angle, armored fords and machine-belt water bars to reduce the need for culverts. The road was kept to a minimum width and was topped with fine gravel to accommodate both biking and equestrian use.

Road Management Objectives

  • Provide a limited-access single-lane low-impact forest road system for long-term, intermittent, dry-season log haul integrated with a ground-based logging system.
  • Provide all-season access for two-wheel drive vans, buses, and administrative vehicles to a turn around (P station P51+4S).
  • Provide a parking area for approximately 20 vehicles including two-wheel drive vans, school buses and administrative traffic in the existing clear cut on the north end of the tract (P station 12+78 to 14+01).
  • Demonstrate low impact road designs such as outsloped without ditch, crowned with ditch, capped and uncapped base course, unrocked, and various drainage structures such as culverts, drivable dips and water bars, rubber belt cross drains, runoff filters, etc. Keep the road as narrow as practical.
  • Vacate sections of an old road within the riparian area of the small N stream that separates the north and south portions of the Cameron tract. This road takes off from Soap Creek Road just north of where this stream crosses Soap Creek Road.
  • Direct haul traffic north on Soap Creek Road to Hwy 99 via the Coffin Butte Road rather than over the Sulphur Springs saddle to limit noise and traffic for nearby residents.
  • Locate, design and construct the road for low maintenance costs.
  • Minimize impacts to riparian management areas and to water quality; do not adversely impact waters of the state.
  • Locate, design, and construct the road in accordance with the Oregon Forest Practice Rules.
  • Limit access with a lockable heavy-duty steel gate. Road running surface should not be a barrier to equestrian use.

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