Demonstrations and Projects: 2013/2014

An improving timber market in 2013 provided the perfect opportunity to revitalize management activity on the Cameron Tract and showcase innovative forest practices for adaption by small woodland owners. In the summer of 2013, the south road (the Firehouse Road) was reconstructed. This new road was designed to be as minimally impactful as possible and have a small environmental footprint. Its purpose was to facilitate a 25-acre timber harvest for utility poles located in the interior of the tract. After logging operations were completed in the fall of 2013, volunteers constructed a multi-use trail through the logging site linking the Cameron Tract with the greater McDonald Forest trail network. This will provide an additional access point for members of the public and small woodland owners to observe and learn about different management objectives taking place on the same piece of land. Five new interpretative signs were also installed in the south end of the tract. 

Map (pdf)